Steeple Bumpstead Primary School

House Teams

Our House Teams

The school has four house teams. They are named after prominent houses in the village of Steeple Bumpstead. Three of these houses still remain.


Named after Bower Hall. The school is build on the grounds of Bower Hall but the house itself no longer exists.


Named after Moyns, a prominent gothic house just outside of the village.


Named after Broadgates House which is still in the middle of the village. This house is famed for once being the home of E.H. Shepherd of the Winnie The Pooh illustrations.


Named after Latchleys, a manor house up on the hill outside the village.

There is strong competition between the houses in our annual sports day. This also includes points from a swimming gala and field events that take place in the week beforehand. The winning team gets to receive the Ray Hammond Cup.