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Year 1 pupils join forces to help raise £1,000 for laughter charity

Our kind-hearted pupils have raised a fantastic £1,000 after a local charity supported one of their class mates.

Five-year-old Oscar Sharland was diagnosed with medulloblastoma cancer – a form of childhood brain cancer – last July and has since undergone surgery, twice-a-day radiotherapy and high dose chemotherapy.

Inspired by his bravery, his Year 1 class at Steeple Bumpstead Primary School recently held a ‘silly run’ to raise money for The Laughter Specialists, based in Saffron Walden.

Undeterred by the bad weather on the day, pupils skipped, hopped, danced, crawled and even did the robot in the school hall.

Oscar’s mum Lucy said: “The whole thing has been very overwhelming and such a lovely thing to do.

“Oscar has been in and out of hospital since last July but the school, all his friends and the parents have been amazing.

“He has been up and down, but still takes everything in his stride. And when he has a bad day at school, I know his class look after him.”

The charity event was organised by Year 1 parents, Amy Bishop and Emma Owers, who said: “We just wanted to do something in support of Oscar and his family and say thank you to a charity that has helped them.

“We are fortunate that our children are part of such a close-knit class. We only asked for voluntarily donations or sponsorship and we were blown away by the amount raised.”

Lindsay Laxton and Lorraine Lambert, Year 1 teachers at Steeple Bumpstead Primary School, paid tribute to both Oscar and his class mates.

They said: “We are so proud of Oscar and how resilient he has been. He’s such a joy to teach and have in our class and it’s been wonderful to be part of this incredible fundraising event.”

The Laughter Specialists are entertainers and performers who are specially trained in bringing fun and laughter to children in hospital, hospices, and children with special needs through therapeutic interactive play, laughter and fun.

The youngest pupils at a village primary school have played a pivotal role in designing a much-wanted play area.

Staff and reception-age pupils at Steeple Bumpstead Primary School this week cut the ribbon on the outdoor space.

Head of School, Luke Howden, admitted the area was in need of a facelift and said he was delighted that pupils proudly took centre stage when it came to deciding what they wanted from an outdoor play and learning area.

Mr Howden said: “Our early years curriculum is all about exploration, imagination and learning through experience.

“Best of all, our pupils and staff came up with ideas for what they wanted in the space. So we have a mud kitchen, ramp, bridge, tunnel and so much more.

“We are delighted to have this outdoor area officially opened and we would like to thank Unity Schools Partnership who funded the work.

“Even when I was a pupil here, this area was in need of a facelift and it was wonderful to see the reaction of the current pupils now they have begun using it on a daily basis.”

Rachel Warr, EYFS Leader at the school, added: “This learning environment has been a dream for such a long time, that it’s hard to believe it has finally come into being.

“The Foundation children helped to design the garden. We had to stop short of a roller coaster and a hot tub, but other than that we have included everything that the children hoped for.

“Our best request was for a place to ‘take you to your imagination’, and I’m certain that that has been achieved in this beautiful area.

“Our new learning environment is engaging, enabling, stimulating and challenging. It promises opportunities to extend the children’s learning in all areas and to promote the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

“There are opportunities for turn-taking, risk-taking, communication and resilience and plenty of scope for investigation and enquiry.

“We have a beautiful new mud kitchen, a walk-in sandpit, a stage area for performances, a music area, a reading den and a fabulous water wall, as well as our woodwork bench, a mound, a road and a clamber stack and monkey bars to strengthen our muscles.”

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Steeple Bumpstead Primary School Newsletter

Steeple Bumpstead Primary school logol lo

Steeple Bumpstead Primary School Newsletter

Steeple Bumpstead Primary school logol lo

Steeple Bumpstead Primary School Newsletter

Steeple Bumpstead Primary school logol lo

Steeple Bumpstead Primary School Newsletter